Here are many links to the helpful multimedia of concepts and protocols that we follow throughout the year. I'll try to keep this as current as possible as I'm always finding new great resources! (I know some are redundant, but you never know what will click with each student...)

  BIORAD - Making a Molar Solution
  BENCHFLY - Working with Small Volumes
  U of GLASGOW - Calculating Molar Concentrations
  U of GLASGOW - Calculating Percent Concentrations
  U of GLASGOW - Dilutions from Stock Solutions
  BOZEMAN - K: The Equilibrium Contant
  BOZEMAN - Acid Base Equilibrium
  BOZEMAN - pH and Buffers
  KHAN ACADEMY - Water and pH
  KHAN ACADEMY - Reaction Equilibrium
  KHAN ACADEMY - Hendersen-Hasselbalch
  BIORAD - Introduction to Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
  BIORAD - Casting an Agarose Gel
  BENCHFLY - Pouring and Running a Gel
  BENCHFLY - Running a SDS-PAGE Gel
  BENCHFLY - Serial Dilutions
  BIORAD - Serial Dilutions/Plate Counting
  Using a Spectrophotometer
  BENCHFLY - Generating and Using a Standard Curve to Determine Unknown 
  BOZEMAN - Enzymes
  Michaelis-Menten Simulation
  BOZEMAN - DNA Structure
  BOZEMAN - DNA Replication (first 4 minutes)
  JOHN KYRK - DNA Replication
  LIFE: TSOB - Okazaki Fragments
  JOHN KYRK - Transcription
  LIFE: TSOB - Transcription
  JOHN KYRK - Translation
  LIFE: TSOB - Translation
  BOZEMAN - Mutations
  BOZEMAN - Genotypes and Phenotypes
  PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: An epic on the Cellular Level
  BOZEMAN - Advanced Molecular Biology (PCR and Sequencing)
  PCR Animation (not shown in class - choose the narrated version)
  BOZEMAN - Mole Bio Techniques (gel review at 4:00)
  BOZEMAN - review of LAB 9 concepts (start at 5:10)
  LAB 9 Guided Tutorial (although they use PstI instead of BamHI)
  BIORAD - Making Media
  BIORAD - Aseptic Tecnique
  BENCHFLY - Working with Sterile Technique
  BIORAD - Making a Streak Plate
  BENCHFLY - Streaking for Individual Colonies
  PBS - Picking out a Colony on a Plate
  PBS - Nice explanation of the science behind lab-induced transformation
  EDVOTEK - A basic protocol reivew of transformation
  NEW ENGLAND BIOLABS - A Nice Explanation of Bacterial Transformation
  BIORAD - Miniprep Review
  BENCHFLY - Miniprep Hints
  Miniprep Review - (ignore vacuum steps)
  Just another good miniprep review... (not our kit though)