Welcome to the AP Biology Question Set page. Here will be .pdf files of all the homework question sets that you were provided with on the first day of school. The numbers correspond to the same number on the Lecture Notes. Feel free to download a copy if you misplaced yours. Extra Credit and Reivew Packets are posted at the bottom of the page.

QS001--Ch01--Themes of AP Biology QS017--Ch09--Respiration QS036--ChXX--DNA Technologies
QS002--Ch02--Chemistry Review QS018-020--Ch09--Respiration Reactions QS037--Ch25--History of Life on Earth
QS003--Ch02--All About Water QS021--Ch09--Regulation of Respiration QS038--Ch21--Darwin and Natural Selection
QS004--Ch03--Carbon Chemistry QS022-024--Ch10--Photosynthesis-Reactions QS039--Ch21--Mechanisms of Evolution
QS005--Ch03--Macromolecules-Proteins QS025--ChXX--Feedback and Cell-to-Cell Communication QS040--Ch21--Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
QS006--Ch03--Macromolecules--Carbohydrates QS026--Ch11--Cell Cycle Control QS041--Ch22--Evolution and Phylogenetics
QS007--Ch03--Macromolecules--Lipids QS027--Ch11--Cell Division QS042--Ch23--Speciation
QS008--Ch04--Macromolecules--Nucleic Acids QS028--Ch11--Meiosis QS043--Ch53--The Extended Phenotype
QS009--Ch05--Cell Structure and Function QS029-030--Ch12--Genetics QS044--Ch54--Ecology
QS010-012--Ch05--Eukaryotic Cell Structure QS031--Ch12--Beyond Mendel QS045--Ch55--Population Ecology
QS013--Ch06--Transport Across the Membrane1 QS032--Ch13--DNA and its Role in Heredity QS046--Ch56/57--Community Ecology
QS014--Ch06--Transport Across the Membrane2 QS033--Ch14--From DNA to Proteins QS047--Ch58/59--Global Ecology
QS015--Ch08--Energy and ATP QS034--Ch15--Mutations  
QS016--Ch08--Enzymes! QS035--Ch16--Regulation of Gene Expression  

Check the schedule to see when they are due... (they will be out of order)

EC 01 - Structure of Water EC 11 - The Price of Silent Mutations EC 21 - The Enemy Within
EC 02 - Eating Made Simple EC 12 - A Breath of Fresh Air EC 22 - How We are Evolving
EC 03 - How Cells Clean House EC 13 - The Ultimate Social Network EC 23 - What Makes Us Human
EC 04 - Structure of Proteins EC 14 - Hidden Switches in the Mind EC 24 - What is a Species
EC 05 - Aquaporins EC 15 - Regulating Evolution EC 25 - Evolution of Cats
EC 06 - Alien Plants EC 16 - What Makes Each Brain Unique EC 26 - Future Farming
EC 07 - A Malignant Flame EC 17 - New Life for Ancient DNA EC 27 - More Food, Less Energy
EC 08 - The Inner Life of a Genome EC 18 - Are There Aliens Among Us EC 28 - Conservation for the People
EC 09 - A New Molecule of Life (PNA) EC 19 - From Atoms to Traits EC 29 - Threatening Ocean Life
EC 10 - A Simpler Origin of Life EC 20 - Testing Natural Selection  
TEST #1: Biochemistry and Cells TEST #3: Cell Cylcles and Genetics TEST #5: Evolution

TEST #2: Energy and Enzymes

TEST #4: Moecular Genetics TEST #6: FINAL REVIEW