Welcome to the AP Biology Labs page. Here will be .pdf files of all the labs/activities that you were provided with on the first day of school. Feel free to download a copy of the others if you misplaced any part of your Lab Manual.
AP Biology Lab Manual 2016-2017 Appendix A - Equations
Grading Scheme for Formal Lab Write-Ups Appendix B - Making Graphs
Math for Life Review Packet Statistical Analysis Help
AP Lab 01 - Making Connections Redeux* AP Lab 13 - Restriction Enzyme Simulation
AP Lab 02 - Biology Lab Skills AP Lab 13 - Restriction Enzyme Simulation (lambda DNA)
AP Lab 03 - Fruit Fly Behavior AP Lab 14 - DNA Restriction Analysis
AP Lab 04 - Diffusion and Osmosis AP Lab 15 - Engneering a Plasmid
AP Lab 05 - Enzyme Activity AP Lab 16 - Bacterial Transformation
AP Lab 06 - Organismal Respiration AP Lab 17 - Natural Selection Simulation
AP Lab 07 - Chromatography Techniques AP Lab 18 - Hardy-Weinberg Simulation I
AP Lab 08 - The Light Reactions of Photosynthesis AP Lab 19 - Hardy-Weinberg Simulation II
AP Lab 09 - Cell Division AP Lab 20 - Evolution and Phylogenetics
AP Lab 10 - Sordaria fimicola Recombination Frequency AP Lab 21 - Have a BLAST!
AP Lab 11 - Drosophila melanogaster Genetics AP Lab 22 - Artificial Selection
AP Lab 12a - PV92 Bioinformatics AP Lab 23 - Metabolic Rates
AP Lab 12b - GMO Investigator AP Lab 24 - Transpiration
*an email will be sent during the summer of 2016 for instructions on this lab due when school starts in September