Welcome to the AP Biology page on Goldie's Room. During the 2019-2020 school year, pretty much all class documents will be available here. This will be my thirteenth year teaching Advanced Placement Biology - wow, how time flies! I have had many other teachers help me develop the course. Many thanks go to the following: Tony DeMarco, Kim Foglia (whose materials have been a starting point for me and used throughout the course - without her, I would be years behind where I am now), Carol Minor, Jody Visconti, and many, many others... They have supplied me with resources and ideas that would have taken me a long time to set up. I hope to use all their support to mold this class to my teaching style over the many years I still hope to teach.

I will make available .pdf files of my lecture notes, question sets, and labs, which can be downloaded by the students. I also will post links that are directly useful to AP Biology students that I have found from other textbooks, other AP Biology class websites, and all over the web. I have arranged these resources chapter by chapter, to make it easy for students to find help. Also students, please look at the Regents Biology section of this website, as it can give plenty of background review - even though this is not The Living Environment (which is also referred to by me as as Biology Lite), it can refresh your memories on a lot of topics... If you have any feedback, please let me know - this is always a work in progress!

AP Biology Handbook - everything you need to know about the course
AP Biology Course Description 2019 - 2020 - from The AP CollegeBoard; the official publication of AP Biology
How to Write a Lab Report - something that you will find very, VERY important throughout the year...
How Labs are Graded - the basic rubric of how labs are graded
How Labs are Scored - the generic form of how labs are graded
Message for Parents - I will pass this out for those at Open House, but here it is for those interested
Users Guide to AP Biology - a fantastic VIDEO overview of the course from the Bozeman Biology website
AP Biology Exam Grading - showing that to get a 5, you have to know your stuff!
Using Biology-based Animations - an actual study that is the rationale behind this studio-style website...