Chapter 45: Neurons and Nervous Systems
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  LN047--Ch45--Neurons and Nervous Systems   QS047--Ch45--Neurons
On-Line Resources and Helpful Tutorials
  Nervous System - Bozeman Biology VIDEO (focus on the nerve impulse section!)
  Cell Communication - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
Resting Membrane Potential - Life: TSOB
Action Potential - Life: TSOB
Sodium Potassium Pump - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP - Calcium Ion Waves in Glial Cells
Voltage Gated Ion Channels and the Action Potential - McGraw Hill
Synaptic Transmission - Life: TSOB
VIDEOCLIP - Discovery of Neurotransmitters
Crossing the Divide - Genetic Science Learning Center
Neuromuscular Junction Action - McGraw Hill
Neurotransmitter Effect on Action Potential - McGraw Hill
The Genetics of Addiction - Genetic Science Learning Center
Mouse Party! - always a student favorite, see these mice on drugs--and how they relate to neurons