Chapters 43 and 44: Animal Reproduction and Development
Lecture Notes
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  LN046--Ch43/44--Animal Repro/Devo   QS046--Ch43/44--Animal Reproduction
On-Line Resources and Helpful Tutorials
  Timing of Embryonic Development - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
  Cell Differentiation - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
VIDEOCLIP - Female Reproductive System (long clip)
Menstrual Cycle 1 - Life: TSOB
Menstrual Cycle 2 - Life: TSOB
Sea Urchin Fertilization - Life: TSOB
Embryonic Asymmetry - Life: TSOB
VIDEOCLIP - Tadpole Embryonic Development
VIDEOCLIP - ZebraFish Embryonic Development
Cloning - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cloning - interactive; source unknown
Clone Mimi the Mouse - Genetic Science Learning Center
Cloning 101 - Genetic Science Learning Center
Embryonic Stem Cells - Life: TSOB
Gastrulation - Life: TSOB
Stem Cells - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
VIDEOCLIP - Blood Vessel Development (long clip)
VIDEOCLIP - Human Fetal Development (long clip)