Chapter XX: DNA Technology
On-Line Resources and Helpful Tutorials
VIDEOCLIP - Interesting Possibilities for Genetic Engineering
  DNA Sequencing - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  Sanger Sequencing - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  Hiearchal DNA Sequencing - Life: TSOB
  Shotgun DNA Sequencing - Life: TSOB
Early Genetic Engineering - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP - discovery of Restriction Enzymes
Restriction Enzymes - Campbell
Restriction Enzymes - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
Restriction Endonucleases - McGraw Hill
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP - mini-satellite DNA
DNA Fingerprinting - Nova On-Line
Using DNA for Forensics - Genetic Science Learning Center
Transformation Part I - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
Transformation Part II - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
Plasmid Integration - McGraw Hill
Gene Cloning - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP - Using Bioluminescent Markers
Understanding Genetic Disorders - Genetic Science Learning Center
  VIDEOCLIP - discovery of Transposons
  Transposons - Campbell