Chapter 11: Chromosomes, the Cell Cycle, and Cell Division
On-Line Resources and Helpful Tutorials
  Cell Cycle - Mitosis - Meiosis - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
Cell Cycle Review - unknown source
Cell Cycle and Cyclins - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP - discovery of oncogenes
Cell Proliferation Signaling - McGraw Hill
How Tumor Supressors Work - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP - melanoma cell division
Detailed Chromosome Structure -
Mitosis - Life: TSOB
Mitosis: All Phases (in lecture these are separate) - Campbell
Mitosis - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP - discovery of mitosis
VIDEOCLIP - mitosis
Mitosis Animation -
VIDEOCLIP - formation of spindle fibers during prophase
VIDEOCLIP - bacterial cell division
VIDEOCLIP - cytokinesis in euglenid
VIDEOCLIP - cytokinesis in green alga
VIDEOCLIP - plant cell mitosis
VIDEOCLIP - animal cell mitosis
VIDEOCLIP - discovery of meiosis
Meiosis - Life: TSOB
Meiosis: an overview (not narrated) - Campbell
Meiosis Animation -
Haploid vs. Diploid - unknown source
  Eukaryotic Genetic Variation - Bozeman Biology VIDEO (start at 8:00 minutes)
Chromosomal Cause for Variation - unknown source
Random Chromosome Arrangement during Meiosis - McGraw Hill
Crossing Over - Campbell
More Crossing Over - unknown
Stages of Meiosis - McGraw Hill
Stages of Meiosis - unknown
Mitosis vs. Meiosis - McGraw Hill