Chapter 6: The Dynamic Cell Membrane
On-Line Resources and Helpful Tutorials
  Cell Membranes - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
  Transport Across the Cell Membrane - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
  Environmental Material Exchange - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
Diffusion Simulation - one of my creations
Diffusion -
Diffusion - Benjamin-Cummings Inc.
Cell Membrane Structure -
Membrane Selectivity
Passive Transport - Life:TSOB
Co-Transport - McGraw Hill
Active Transport - McGraw Hill
Active Transport - Life: TSOB
Active Transport
Sodium-Potassium Pump - McGraw Hill
Sodium-Potassium Pump-The Sequel - McGraw Hill
Large Molecule Movement - McGraw Hill
VIDEOCLIP showing pinocytosis
Endo/Exocytosis - Life: TSOB

Receptor Mediated Endocytosis - Campbell

VIDEOCLIP showing receptor mediated cytosis
Tight Junctions - Campbell
Gap Junctions - Campbell
Anchoring Junctions - Campbell
Osmosis - another one that I designed
Osmosis - Campbell
VIDEOCLIP outlining various aspects of the cell membrane