Chapter 3: Macromolecules and the Origin of Life
Lecture Notes
Question Sets
  LN004--Ch03--Carbon   QS004--Ch03--Carbon Chemistry
  LN005--Ch03--Proteins   QS005--Ch03--Macromolecules-Proteins
  LN006--Ch03--Carbohydrates   QS006--Ch03--Macromolecules--Carbohydrates
  LN007--Ch03--Lipids   QS007--Ch03--Macromolecules--Lipids
On-Line Resources and Helpful Tutorials
  Biological Molecules - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
  Carbon skeletons - Campbell
  Polymers - Campbell
  Review of chirality -
  VIDEOCLIP explaining stereo isomers
  Reivew of amino acid structure -
  Understanding the Nature of Amino Acids - Goldberg handout
  Primary structure of a protein - Campbell
  Secondary structure of a protein - Campbell
  Tertiary structure of a protein - Campbell
  Quartenary structure of a protein - Campbell
  Overall structure of a protein - Campbell
  VIDEOCLIP showing hemoglobin structure
  VIDEOCLIP explaining lysozyme structure
  Disaccharides - Campbell
  Polysaccarides - Campbell
  VIDEOCLIP showing starch
  VIDEOCLIP showing cellulose
  Fats - Campbell
  VIDEOCLIP showing differences between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
  VIDEOCLIP showing nice views of the double helix
  Macromolecule Review - Life: TSOB