Chapter 12: From Gene to Protein
Lecture Notes
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  LN034--Ch12--DNA to Protein   QS034--Ch12--From DNA to Proteins
On-Line Resources and Helpful Tutorials
  DNA and RNA (Part 2) - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
  Genotypes and Phenotypes - Bozeman Biology VIDEO
VIDEOCLIP - Beadle-Tatum Experiment
VIDEOCLIP - Basic Protein Synthesis Explanation - WHMT Nova
DNA and RNA Structure - Campbell
VIDEOCLIP - messenger RNA
Transcription -
Transcription Introduction - Campbell
Initiation of Transcription - Campbell
RNA Transcription - Campbell
RNA Transcription - Life: TSOB
VIDEOCLIP - detailed animation of transcription - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Discovery of the Genetic Code - Life: TSOB
VIDEOCLIP - Discovery of the Genetic Code
Genetic Code - interactive - unkonwn source
Cracking the Code - Nova On-Line
Translation -
Translation Introduction - Campbell
Translation - Campbell
Translation - Life: TSOB
VIDEOCLIP - tRNA structure
VIDEOCLIP - detailed animation of translation - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
From Chromosome to Protein -
Frameshift Mutations - Prentice Hall
Slipped Strand Mispairing and Frameshift Mutations - McGraw Hill
Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Gene Processing - an intro to chapters 13 and 14 - McGraw Hill